Some September ArtHop 2011

Unfortunately I had to work for most of ArtHop, but luckily there are various locations that keep the party going till later.  I visited JJ’s Signs & Art Studios (South Fresno) where I’m very sad to report that there was a shooting just down the sidewalk from the entrance where someone (not an ArtHop participant) was hurt.  So that party was broken up just as No Genre was about to go on, but more spots awaited so I then went to Gordo’s Roadhouse (Downtown Fresno) where DB & the Struggle were sending out the awesome tunes across the Fulton Mall. Then I ended up at The Treasury (Downtown Fresno) for the rest of the night where good times were had and a great piece of art by a local favorite (Nelina Marie) was picked up.

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  1. Thank You for still covering the positive aspect of the evening tempered by tragedy.My heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family of the victims and all those who came out to enjoy an awesome event only to experience such a heinous act of unnecessary violence. My heart goes out to everyone and they are in my prayers. Jessica M Hanna

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