Don Pepe’s + Polo = PedalJunkies

Nearly every Thursday, a fixed-gear bicycling crew by the name of PedalJunkies meet out behind the Me N Eds in the Tower District.  They take off about 8pm to head to their first stop which is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town for tacos, Don Pepe’s off Blackstone.  After the fuel is set in the fire, they head to the end destination, Cary Park behind Fashion Fair Mall, where one of the only public roller rinks in town is located.  Apparently, this is the same night Fresno’s own NoTown Roller Derby practices, so as soon as they finish up, the PedalJunkies set up their rink for some games of  bike polo.  Imagine the well-known polo that are on horses except their stallions are fixed-gear bikes.  It’s a fun game just to watch, but if you’re interested, these are some of the friendliest people in town and welcome anyone willing to join in.  Here’s what you might see:

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