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November 2012 #ArtHop

A must experience event that occurs every month.  So make sure you have this night free and go discover the best Fresno has to offer. Thursday, November 1st, most locations start at 5pm and wrap up at 8pm.

Featured Locations:

Studio Itz (Downtown Fresno) – art and music starting at 8pm with The Babbling Crooks, I Kill Cameron and Garth Clifton

Gallery 25 (Downtown Fresno) – with artist Cynthia Cameron guest Clary Craeger

Fresno Brewing Company (Downtown Fresno) – music by The Harmed Brothers and Light Thieves

Twee Boutique (Downtown Fresno) – skull art by Laura Fraedrich

K-Jewel Studios (Downtown Fresno)

Frank’s Place (Downtown Fresno)

Biz-Werx (Downtown Fresno)

Iron Bird Lofts (Downtown Fresno)

Fulton 55 (Downtown Fresno) – featured artist Anke Hanken and Adriana Castillo plus the Soul Freedom Lounge with Mr. Leonard

Ruben’s Barber Shop (Tower District)

The Brass Unicorn (Tower District) – featuring the artwork by Ariel Bird and Michael “Mycow” Howe with retro futuristic quasi tribalized electronic drumming

Spectrum Art Gallery (Tower District) – “Another Season in The Middle Kingdom” is the continuation of the series focusing on The Great Central Valley of California

Fresno Art Hub (Tower District) – grand opening with artist Marilyn Torchin, Patricia Selin, Suzie Stach, Valerie Greene, Diane Abbott, Linda Pitts, Shirley Lindgren, Linda Caine, Sue Porter and Diane Breuer plus jewelers and a soap lady

P*de*Q (Tower District) – Carty Sewill with music by I Do Not Exist

The Manchester Experiment (Central Fresno) – closing reception of Trypic Souls, displaying the work of Jessica M. Hanna, Brandon Itheyus Jacobs and Cynthia Chapman Manuszak

Fresno State (Conley Art – East Fresno)


September 2012 ArtHop

Thursday, September 6th, 5-8pm – free

Featured Locations:

Cereal Trip (Downtown Fresno)

Biz-Werx (Downtown Fresno)

K-Jewel Art Gallery (Downtown Fresno) – five of Fresno’s favorite photographers all in one place: Donovan Conway, Jon Ayala, Franka Mlikota Gabler, Terry Hayden and Martin Nunez

The Grand (Downtown Fresno)

Frank’s Place (Downtown Fresno) – 8-9pm – Cranky Old Men will be playing

Arte Americas (Downtown Fresno) – Mexico’s Modern Print Making: Revolution and the Graphic Arts, 1920-1980

California Rural Legal (Downtown Fresno)

Iron Bird Lofts (Downtown Fresno) – original handmade art, jewelry, and more including Adventure Hats, and The Little Calorie Gallery

Fulton 55 (Downtown Fresno) – ArtHop Barcade: enjoy some free gaming and art

Spectrum Art Gallery (Tower District) – auction preview show where all prints to be auctioned are available for inspection and silent auction bidding

The Brass Unicorn (Tower District) – beautiful artwork of Danielle Lacey with musical performance from Jeffrey Fisher and Auricular Medicine Treatments

The Hashtag (Tower District) – FUSE Fest Preview Night: check out a sampling of festival acts like Brother Luke, Achievement House, Light Thieves, and So Long Williamsburg with Dusty Buns Bistro Bus on hand

Gallery 25 (Tower District)

P*de*Q (Tower District) – Chance James’ painting and That Guy Kevin acoustic performance

Fresno Art Council’s List of Venues

July 2012 #ArtHop

This is an opportunity to see some of the best of Fresno; the landscape, the people and the art.  Be adventurous, explore on foot and meet some new people. Thursday, July 5th, most locations start at 5pm and wrap up at 8pm.


Spectrum Art Gallery (Tower District)  – Dick Haas’ “Out To Lunch” and Madhu John’s “How To Be Alone”

bloo Hookah Lounge (Tower District) – The Kevin McDonald Fellowship: a communal sonic adventure, designed and powered by love, the human experience, and strong drive to create

Babylon Club (Tower District) – Jimmie O & the S.O.S., Paul Gaines and indie rock band Francis Ward

Studio 74 (Tower District) – eclectic mixture of dramatic portraits and jewelry by Ruven Zamora, SciFi drawings by Alvin Greathouse and fantasy land and seascapes by Rachael Stauffer with Jazz Hop Music on the patio features Matthew Embry 6-9pm

Frank’s Place (Downtown Fresno)

Fresno Brewing Company (Downtown Fresno)

Gallery 25 (Downtown Fresno)

Downtown Community Arts Collective (Downtown Fresno) – a unique “backdrop”  for you to show your creativity by taking photos of your friends with the art

Fig Tree Gallery (Downtown Fresno) – artwork by Heinz Kusel, painter, writer, and teacher

Veterans Memorial Museum (Downtown Fresno) – patriotic art show

Chris Sorenson Studios (Downtown Fresno) – band, So Long Williamsburg, playing original Christian music with 5 Christian artists

CMAC (Downtown Fresno) – photography of John Sanchez and the music of Rich Severson

Meza Films (Downtown Fresno) – shared photos from a recent trip to Afghanistan

Fulton 55 (Downtown Fresno) – showcasing the art of Shaenna Dixon, JJ Johnson, and Regina Raya; get your Art Hop Passport stamped by 6 Art Hop locations and get into the post Art Hop concert for free, pick up your passport at Fulton 55 starting at 3pm

UPDATE: Art Hop Trolley – get to as many locations as possible by using the $1 Art Hop trolley, check out the route here

Fresno Art Council’s List of Venues

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